Enabling businesses to plan years in advance and commit significant resources to build on a stable protocol.

In accordance with the name of the cryptocurrency, one of the main goals of BSV is to remain as close to the protocol specification as outlined in the original Bitcoin white-paper as possible. The protocol is not supposed to do something special, but instead provide a stable, consistent base protocol to build on – similar to how IPv4, deployed in 1983, still routes most of today’s internet traffic.

Restoring Bitcoin to Satoshi’s original protocol was the primary focus of the Bitcoin SV – an approach rooted in the belief that the original protocol and scripting language has everything needed for a network capable of providing both the payments infrastructure and the technical features needed to power tokens, smart contracts, and other advanced blockchain applications.

The “Genesis” upgrade to Bitcoin SV in February 2020 restored most of the original protocol, with a commitment to keep the protocol stable. This stable Bitcoin protocol gives developers comfort they are building on a platform that is reliable – not in a constant state of flux like competing platforms.

Bitcoin SV will continue to provide this assured stability by allowing only a limited and well publicised set of changes.