Regulatory Friendly

Enterprise adoption with existing regulation frameworks in mind.

Bitcoin is a system that is not friendly for criminal activities, that allows millions of spontaneous micropayments, that allows people to save their money and be protected – stopping things like fraud and crime

Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin SV works within the law (the Bitcoin White Paper uses the word ‘honest’ 15 times) and actively works with people from the governments and regulatory bodies in order to abide by law, thus ensuring enterprises can trust it as a legitimate technology they can rely on. It is not something that fosters or hides crime; instead Bitcoin SV is a technology that keeps an immutable and chronological record of transactions—any fraudulent activity is automatically rejected by the system and if a fraudulent transaction does go through, it can easily be traced and the culprit apprehended. This is exactly the Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto intended, acting responsibly and respecting the law.

The strong presence of government and legal speakers at Bitcoin SV Conferences bears testament to this, reflecting Bitcoin SV’s proactive engagement with policymakers and, unlike other digital currency camps who resist government interaction, the Bitcoin SV ecosystem embraces the need to build a lawful and regulation-compliant industry, while also facilitating technology innovation.