Instant Transactions

Transactions of less than 2 seconds are widely accepted on Bitcoin SV.

“Sending £100 securely to the other side of the world in seconds isn’t remarkable, sending £0.0001p is

Daniel Connolly, Bitcoin SV Lead Developer

Bitcoin SV has lightning-fast processing and settlement times, with a standard transaction, on average, taking around 2 seconds whether it be to the other-side of the world or to simply to a friend (peer to peer) standing next to you, all without the need of a third party.

These Safe Instant Transactions are key to unlocking the brick-and-mortar merchant market for Bitcoin SV payments as money must always be frictionless, low latency and secure.

Further Security improvements are constantly being made and the Bitcoin SV roadmap treats safe instant transactions as a key priority.
Blockchain-based applications and services rely on transactions reliably taking place without delay.