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Bitcoin SV resources for data junkies

Blockchains are becoming more popular thanks to their benefits coming into the spotlight. Here are some essential Bitcoin SV resources you need to know.

For the past few years, blockchain technology has grown in popularity thanks to the many benefits they provide to various industries. As such, enterprise leaders interested in Bitcoin SV can now benefit from the long-term value that it presents.

But many other groups that can also benefit are also looking for resources to understand blockchain’s applicability for their fields: 

  • Researchers and academics that need objective information for teaching opportunities.
  • FinTech consultants in need of a reliable solution for their clients
  • Developers, product managers, and solution architects that want to test Bitcoin SV’s capabilities against other requirements.
  • Different types of investors who depend on the long-term value of Bitcoin SV.

Understanding what these different systems are and how they work is the first step you need to take before adopting a certain protocol. To get more insights and resources on Bitcoin SV resources, use the infographic below as a quick guide.

Bitcoin Scaling Test Network Sites

The Scaling Test Network (STN) is a public testing environment where users can gain support staff and continuous transaction volumes. This provides corporations with what it needs to create battle-tested and production-ready programmes that can work together with Bitcoin and its blockchains.

  • Live transactions per second: This refers to the number of live transactions that a blockchain network can process in a second. On average, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) network holds a record of 5,472.73 transactions measured at a 24-hour peak time frame.
  • Mainnet statistics: Mainnet is a blockchain protocol that can broadcast, verify, and record transactions on a distributed ledger. This system has a peak rate of 686,127 TPS within a 24-hour average.
  • Highest observed STN figures: BSV has an observed STN figure of 19,838.19 in a sustained 24-hour average. At its peak, it can reach up to 27,525 TPS.
  • Historical data: The historical data shows the sustained number of TPS achieved through different versions of the public ledger. At its latest recorded performance, an average of 19,841.52 transactions were conducted within 24 hours.


BSV has a peak record of 5,472.73 TPS within a 24-hour period. On average, it scales at 2,050 transactions in the same time frame.

The best metric to measure the capacity of BSV is through transactions per second. Through this, the sustained TPS capacity of the ledger becomes independent of the size of used transactions.


The suggested code uses a sample configuration on the BSV network. These nodes are set to operate on the STN system and its corresponding requirements.

The merchant API is an additional service that miners can offer to third parties such as merchants. The endpoints allow users to negotiate priority pricing, while the receiving miner will be guaranteed to mine their transaction.

Bitcoin SV’s guide to STN is built to help users set up a BSV node that connects to the Scaling Test Network. This includes the system requirements and instructions on how to proceed.

WhatsOnChain BSV Block Explorer

WhatsOnChain is the first BSV block explorer developed by Bitcoin SV. The tool aims to provide a user-friendly way to deliver data to users and keep them updated with transitions and updates on the ledger. This tool is also utilised as a type of browser for the blockchain, which allows users easy access to the system and tracks their transactions.

BSV Data Intelligence Site: an honest bitcoin data analyser

This platform acts as a service that allows users to track multiple different blockchains at once. Through this, users can monitor data updates at any given time and analyse the changes that occur.

The platform shows live blockchains of different applications such as CryptoFights, DuroDogs, PeerGame, and more. It can be used to monitor daily transactions, mining fees, mean fees, etc.

Protocols highlight the number of transactions for each application and rank them accordingly. The progress can be viewed between intervals of seven, 30, and 90 days.

This section shows the block size relative to the payments and transactions made for the different applications. Users can also view the blockchain with other factors highlighted, such as mining difficulty.

Miner-related data highlight applications according to their block time and growth. This can help determine the mining status relative to the number of transactions and data size gained.

BSV data intelligence blog articles

Bitcoin was created by an Australian computer scientist named Dr Craig Steven Wright. Famously known by his pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, he is also a businessman, lecturer, and inventor residing in England. Other than his work on Bitcoin, he is also the founder of a leading research and development company known as nChain.

According to Fueng Li, China’s BSV industry needs to move toward developing new applications aimed at enterprise-tier data users. This is in light of China’s recent and more strict regulations on blockchain and other associated activities.

Metanet is a term given to a value-based and economically-incentivised internet built on the Bitcoin ledger.

Announced in 2018, metanet was meant to act as a layer-2 protocol that replicates most of the functionality of the internet. This was to help leverage the benefits of blockchain technology without altering the protocol or consensus of the underlying blockchain.

Tokenisation connects the ownership of physical or virtual assets into digital tokens where each will hold a specified unit of value. This can act as a representation of a contractual right or any other form of asset.

Currently, there is no type of limitation on what can be tokenised, but these are commonly found as objects that surround factors of life, commerce, and economy.

Learn everything there is to know about Bitcoin SV products, ranging from social network and content platforms to wallets, enterprise solutions, eCommerce, gaming applications, productivity tools, and financial applications.

Understanding Bitcoin SV resources

The utility-based value of blockchain technology is increasingly recognised, beyond speculation on its token price. As new technology continues to develop, understanding the world of Bitcoin and its related activities becomes essential for many different industries.

For more information about Bitcoin SV, visit our website today.

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