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Submit your projects, tools, libraries and guest blog articles to BitcoinSV.com

Become part of Bitcoinsv.com by submitting your projects, tools, libraries and guest blog articles. We ensure that your voice is heard within the community.

In January 2022, BitcoinSV.com launched a dedicated section for Tools, Code, Libraries, APIs and SDKs and dropped its first round of over 50 tools – all of them have been vetted by BSV devs and ready to use.

This week, BitcoinSV.com launched an associated submission centre where you can contribute your projects, tools, libraries and guest blog articles to be published on the website, so your voice is heard within the community.

The BSV ecosystem consists of the many contributors that build applications, provide insights via blogs or business leads. By submitting your contributions and others you’re aware of, we’re aiming to make it as easy as possible to develop on Bitcoin SV.

BitcoinSV.com submission centre categories

The submission centre let’s you contribute your resources under three different categories:

Bitcoin SV Projects

Does your company work on Bitcoin SV related products? Then don’t lose time and join our list of curated BSV ecosystem companies to get connected to the community and potential investors.

Bitcoin SV News Contributions

We are an open community of various voices. Contribute your visions, ideas and reviews to the Google listed bitcoinsv.com news page as guest author.

Bitcoin SV Tools & Libraries

Bitcoin SV tools are essential for global adoption. Join the group of top Bitcoin SV developers by submitting your tools and open source libraries.

The BSV development tools fall into several key categories.

  • API’s – Tools like Mattercloud, Blockchair, NOWNodes, and WhatsonChain enable developers to access on-chain data instantly, perform various analytical queries, utilise block hosting to store websites and data on the blockchain.
  • Metrics – Coin Dance, BSVData, Bitcoin Blocks Live, and Coin Carbon Cap provide real-time data on the BSV blockchain. Historical prices, transaction volumes, and other useful data are available through these tools.
  • Bitcoin Script – Script is the native Bitcoin language. Script Wiki is a list of opcodes, commands, and functions. sCrypt is a high-level smart contract language for BSV.
  • BSV Libraries – In this section, you’ll find a suite of developer tools for creating apps and games on BSV. For example, Gate2Chain is a development suite that allows you to connect apps, websites, games, and other systems to the BSV blockchain. You’ll find applications that will enable you to build in Rust, Java, Elixir, Python, Dart, and other languages.
  • Education – This is where developers can learn about BSV and its true capabilities. From the Bitcoin Wiki to the BSV Academy to Dr. Craig Wright and Ryan X. Charles’ video series called Theory of Bitcoin, there’s a treasure trove of information in this section.
  • Reading – These tools allow reading from the blockchain. For example, MetaShard allows easy access to data stored on the blockchain. It also allows users to store data on BSV.
  • Standards & Protocols – BSV has an extremely well-developed library of technical standards and legal specifications. In this section, you can learn about the Travel Rule, Merkle proofs, SPC Channels, and much more.
  • Testing Tools – Use PewPew to stress test apps, the BSV testnet faucet to provide tokens to testnet users who are running a stake pool or other node, or the Scaling Test Network (STN) to test large blocks and transaction volumes.
  • Tokens & Smart Contract – Issue tokens or build apps and smart contracts on protocols like RUN, STAS, Bitcoin Computer, SensibleSV, and Tokenized.
  • Transaction Libraries – Use the Minecraft javascript library to interact with miner APIs, Fileplay to post data or upload files to BSV, or Merchant API to get policy and fee quotes before submitting transactions. This is just scratching the surface of the tools in this section.
  • Wallet SDKs – This is where you’ll connect the apps and tools you’ve built to popular BSV wallets such as Handcash, Moneybutton, Relaysia, and others.

A hub for Bitcoin SV developers

Are you eager to discover the latest resources around Bitcoin SV? The BitcoinSV.com website is evolving into a community hub that invites you to return to it over and over again, as there will always be something new to discover.

For a start, the site hosts interactive content like demos, a community section pointing to our Discord channel and Discourse Forum, with a roadmap of bringing you the latest news and resources the moment they drop.

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