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BitcoinSV.com demos, NFTs and immutable data storage

Our new demo page showcases how quick and cheap it can be to mint an NFT using one of the most complex protocols, only on Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin Association for BSV has expanded its website focussed on serving developers to include a demo section. Instead of just claiming that Bitcoin SV is the best, cheapest and most efficient blockchain, this website section lets people try it out for themselves.

Mint your first NFT 

As we are very much in an NFT hype where everything from festival tickets to membership cards are getting tokenized, we wanted to give an example of how that would work on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. 

The tokenisation demo lets you select an item like an image of the front cover of a magazine to mint as an NFT. You name it, give it a description and select the token supply. A few seconds after you have clicked on mint, you will see a notification to confirm your NFTs transaction ID, token ID, size and cost. You can click on the transaction ID to view your token on the chain to see the token contract and specifications like the token supply. 

When people try this out, the first thing they will notice is how cheap it is to mint an NFT on Bitcoin SV compared to one on Ethereum, which might start at $40 and end at $40,000. On Bitcoin SV, you will pay less than a thousandth of a cent to mint a hundred NFTs. 

In fact, we are so confident in showing off the cost efficiency of using Bitcoin SV’s for tokenisation that the demos (taking place on Mainnet rather than Testnet) are funded by the Bitcoin Association. 

Another notable aspect showcased by the demo is that there is no need for a third-party provider to maintain and send those tokens, as they are purely on the blockchain inside a smart contract. With no third-party transaction processor involved, you can use the token even if a processor is offline.

Store your data immutably to the blockchain

The second demo that is launching with the page lets you write data to the Bitcoin SV blockchain immutably. The demo is based on a scenario where you buy a piece of land, sign a property deed and the county files it in their archives. The demo auto-populates to specify the details of the owner, the property, etc. so you can experience how it would work to publish the deed on the blockchain where it would be safe from archival floods, political turbulence and bureaucratic incompetence. 

Once you click on broadcast, it will only take a few seconds before your document is added to the blockchain, where you can view it immediately and forever. 

Once again, people are bound to be surprised to see how cheap it is to record data such as this to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. 

‘I’m interested. What do I do next?’

The demos section is ideal both for non-blockchain people who want to see what Bitcoin SV can do for them and what it will cost, as well as those from other cryptocurrency communities who want to see if Bitcoin SV can live up to its promises. 

For those who are duly impressed by Bitcoin SV’s capabilities and would like to use it for their projects, the website offers a view of companies in the ecosystem that can help implement these features, as well as the developer tools and libraries to do it themselves.

Future Bitcoin SV demos

Although the page is launching with only two demos, we are open to feedback on how to adjust and supplement the section. To have your say, head over to the Bitcoin SV Discord channel or our newly launched Discourse forum.

13th May 2022
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