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Bitcoin SV resources for developers

Learning blockchain is a great way to advance one’s career, but it can be challenging. Learn about blockchain with these Bitcoin SV resources for developers.

Learning the intricacies of blockchain is a great career move if you’re planning to advance into a more significant role, innovate your projects, or seek to be one step ahead of the competition.

In this article, we’ve compiled the most helpful Bitcoin SV (BSV) readings and sites for solutions architects and developers who want to stay abreast of the latest updates that can benefit their businesses, applications, and clients. 

If none of these scenarios resonate with you, head over to our index of Bitcoin SV resources for every interest group.

Bitcoin SV resources for developers

BitcoinSV.com – a website for developers

Bitcoin’s history

Historically, people have traded Bitcoin, knowing relatively little about it. Learn about the history of Bitcoin in this summary focussing on key events over the years.

Bitcoin SV sustainability

The energy footprint of recording data compared to an equivalent cloud platform is significantly more efficient in today’s incumbent systems. Gain insight into the original environmentally-friendly protocol of Bitcoin.

Developer tools

BSV created an enterprise-ready ecosystem with many tools to aid your next blockchain-building endeavour.

Bitcoin SV projects

A carefully curated collection of extraordinary and diverse projects currently under development on BSV

The Bitcoin ecosystem

As the Bitcoin ecosystem diversifies and rapidly evolves, organisations, projects, channels, and sites choose to work with or alongside Bitcoin SV. Head over to this page to see a list of Bitcoin SV projects.

Bitcoin SV demos: NFTs and onchain data storage

Our new demo page showcases how quick and cheap it can be to mint an NFT using one of the most complex protocols and publish data immutable on-chain, only on Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum

Introducing a forum specifically for Bitcoin SV’s technical professionals (miners, developers, exchanges), the Bitcoin SV Discourse Forum.

Bitcoin SV Discord channel 

Bitcoin Association for BSV launched its own Discord channel to serve as a community forum for those who want to discuss everyday topics around Bitcoin SV. 

sCrypt section

Bitcoin Association for BSV has launched an sCrypt introduction page to detail the opportunities the language offers, how to use it and how much cheaper it is to use than other smart contract languages. 

Bitcoin SV Transpiler 

The Bitcoin SV Transpiler lets you convert your code to sCrypt, which will let you use it on the Bitcoin SV network where you can mint a smart contract so cheaply, that we’ve funded our NFT demo ourselves!

Bitcoin SV Token page (Coming soon!)

The Token page will highlight that all of the BSV tokens are more efficient than they would be if implemented on Ethereum. 

Bitcoin SV development news

All Bitcoin SV-related records, updates, and news are collated in one place.

Recommended Reads:

Compared to competing blockchain protocols, BSV processed over 10 million transactions in a 24-hour cycle, demonstrating its ability to scale.

By mining the largest Bitcoin block at 3.87 gigabytes. TAAL made history, with the block exceeding 188,000 transactions.

BitcoinSV.com creates a dedicated section for Tools, Code, Libraries, APIs, and SDKs vetted by the Bitcoin Development Community.

Phased release with key features to be implemented over time, Bitcoin SV launches a brand-new hub to serve as a one-stop shop for everything related to BSV.

Bitcoin SV social media

All key posts, videos, and tweets from the Bitcoin SV ecosystem are collected and placed in one convenient location.

How to get BSV

Acquiring BSV has never been easier. Buy it with a credit or bank card directly from an outlet or receive it via an exchange.

Bitcoin SV bounty programme

How it works:

BSV offers large bounties to security researchers acting in good faith to aid in maintaining high standards of privacy and security of users and the BSV Blockchain.

Explore BSV bounties

Subscribe to BSV’s newsletter and increase your chances of earning a bounty.

Bitcoin SV Hackathon website

Past Hackathons:

The 1st BSV Hackathon featured 200 developers and 36 projects. The teams with the three best projects had the opportunity to present at the 2019 CoinGeek Toronto Conference.

Three outstanding projects were showcased at the 2nd Bitcoin SV Hackathon, with Codugh, led by Shashank Singhal and Andrew Snow, taking home the top prize of $20,000.

Over eight weeks, 400 individuals from 75 countries competed to build a creative project on the BSV blockchain.

623 record-breaking participants from over 50 countries competed in the 4th BSV Hackathon, the highest number of participants ever for a Bitcoin SV Hackathon.

Bitcoin SV Hackathon success stories

The 2nd BSV Hackathon was held from August 17–19, 2019, with Codugh taking the top prize of $20,000. Bitcoin SV spoke to Shashank Singhal, co-founder of Codugh, about competing in the Hackathon and the aftermath of the competition.

The 3rd BSV Hackathon saw a significant change from previous events; participants were given eight weeks to complete their submissions. Bitcoin Association spoke to 2nd runner-up Niels van den Bergh of Dutch-Belgian venture Kyrt about his experience.

The inaugural Hackathon was held from May 4–5, 2019. Bitcoin Association spoke to the founder of TonicPow, Luke Rohenaz, about his experience in the first Hackathon.

The TrueReviews project finished in the second runner-up position in the 2nd BSV Hackathon. Bitcoin Association caught up with the trio of brothers Kevin, Connor, and Dylan Murray on how it impacted TrueReviews’—now Britevue—success.

Hackathon: News and updates

Stay updated and gather insights into the latest development, trends, and tools as chronicled by experts in written updates and detailed articles.

Bitcoin SV DevCon website

Chinese-language in Shanghai and online, November 13–14, 2021

Recommended Presentations:

  • Building an honest data network with Blockchain

Lise Li, Head of BSV China Hub and CEO of Keyl Tech, advises individuals to set aside preconceptions and prejudices to understand real blockchain technology, comparing the advantages of utilising blockchain to record data.

  • Introduction to BSV blockchain infrastructure software and tools

Software engineer for the BSV infrastructure team Aaron Zhou discusses Merkle trees and Merkle proofs, their standardised format, payment verification, and block-headers-client changes.

  • Compliance frameworks for decentralised blockchain applications

Zhang Feng, Partner at V&T Law Firm, explains what a decentralised application entails and its compliance framework, defining the different dimensions of NFTs and their relationship with smart contracts.

Online event, May 15–16, 2021

Recommended presentations:

  • Nano-services, dust return transactions, and long chains

The Bitcoin SV Infrastructure Team offers recent updates regarding several new use cases for specialised transaction types; consolidation payments paving the way for nano payments.

  • Bitcoin SV Academy: Introduction to Bitcoin Development course

This presentation chronicles BSV Academy’s Introduction to Bitcoin Development course.

  • Bitcoin transactions: embedding and using data for applications built on Bitcoin SV

A session that explores how Bitcoin transactions can be utilised to embed data on the blockchain, then incorporates the embedded data into applications created on Bitcoin SV.

  • Testing applications in a regtest development environment with the ElectrumSV SDK

This session explores the creation of a regtest blockchain, then conducts application testing utilising ElectrumSV SDK.

Chinese-language DevCon, August 29 – 30, 2020

  • Miner fee calculation and merchant API – new tools for the Bitcoin SV network

Lin Zheming, CEO and Founder of DotWallet and MemPool, takes the virtual stage as he discusses the impact of Merchant API in diversifying service offerings additional to Bitcoin SV.

  • Mempool BaaS: Coinless blockchain paradigm for enterprise

Mempool and DotWallet Founder and CEO Lin Zheming showcase the potential for a Bitcoin-as-a-service (BaaS) model like MemPool that can aide the new generation of applications.

  • Economic incentives and the Bitcoin network

One of the Bitcoin Association’s crowning achievements was creating a sophisticated system of economic systems, allowing the functionality of the ecosystem. Bitcoin Association Trainer Edward Liu discusses the function and impact of these incentives.

  • Introduction to sCrypt – a smart contract language for Bitcoin SV

Wang Yiqlang, sCrypt co-founder, takes the virtual stage and introduces the sCrypt platform, providing developers a streamlined process to create and implement smart contract solutions.

  • Simplified Payment Verification – insight and emphasis on its overlooked features

Wei Zhang, a nChain Senior Researcher, provides an extensive overview of the SPV and its role in managing transactions and scale over time.

Virtual Bitcoin SV Hackathon 2020

Recommended presentations:

  • The Utility of Bitcoin script

nChain’s Steve Shadder walks developers through Script Hacking for fun, profit, and Intermediate Bitcoin script’s utilities. 

  • Economic incentives and the Bitcoin network

Bitcoin Association Manager Brendan Lee gives an overview of node functions on the BSV network and economics’ role in Bitcoin’s revolutionary incentive system.

  • Miner fee calculation and merchant API

nChain’s Research and Development Software Engineer Jad Wahab discusses Merchant API and the new tool MAPI for the Bitcoin SV Network.

Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC)

The TSC provides an out-of-the-box toolset to fuel industry growth through compatibility and interoperability between different businesses.

Developers whose businesses use the Bitcoin SV can browse the library of standards in consideration, draft, internal review, public review phases and those published and recommended. 

Those who would like to help develop technical standards for Bitcoin SV can register as a contributor to submit a proposal, join a working group, or comment on standards. 

Recommended blog posts:

Bitcoin Association speaks to TSC member James Belding, creator and architect of the Tokenized protocol, a smart contract system and open-source token that aims to aid in making Bitcoin’s value accessible to the larger society.

Bitcoin Association speaks to Bernhard Müller, co-author and co-proposer of the invoice-based payments standard.

Bitcoin Association speaks to the author of the Transaction ancestors specification, Jad Wahab, asking him how the specification impacts other “envelope” specs.

Centbee and co-founder Angus Brown discuss the FATF’s travel rule and how Bitcoin consumers and intermediaries will likely be affected.

CEO of Tokenized and TSC Sponsor of the proposed envelope specification, James Belding, details the proposed protocol and details the impact of its standardisation on the BSV ecosystem.

Recommended videos:

  • Bitcoin SV Technical Standards: Roadmap for an interoperable blockchain future 

At CoinGeek Zurich, BSV TSC chair Steve Shadders and founding member Alex Fauvel discuss the role of the TSC and the committee’s roadmap for 2021 to 2023

Introductory webinar on Bitcoin SV Technical Standards and Technical Standards Committees (TSC); here, committee members explained the role of the TSC within the BSV ecosystem and what it seeks to achieve.

Bitcoin SV Academy

Bitcoin Development course stream

Updated information for application builders who want to utilise Bitcoin for their projects; the course is engineered around available techniques and tools utilised to build Bitcoin-related applications with a minimal theoretical basis.

Blogs and other content about Bitcoin Development

Bitcoin development is an introductory course to the Bitcoin protocol and operating methods. It provides students with tools and understanding of the concepts to start building applications utilising the Bitcoin blockchain.

eBook: What the BSV blockchain is and why it is the infrastructure for the data economy

An eBook that investigates the opportunities that the BSV blockchain unlocks by utilising its core attributes; scalability, security, stability, and safe, instant microtransactions.

Top Blogs:

Choose the best toolsets and libraries as Bitcoin SV’s Hackathon organiser, Raylene Wilson, shares a list of recommended resources.

Engineering Operations Manager nChain James Scott offers his perspective on the scope and availability of blockchain careers.

Author of the term “micro-services,” Steve Shadders, explores blockchain micropayments and nano payments and the nuances in between.

Explore the definition and unique properties of NFTs, their value proposition, and innovative business use-cases.

After completing the certified course, software developer Jake Jones discusses his insights on the Introduction Bitcoin Development Course.

Learn how the BSV blockchain helps harness the data economy profitably and sustainably.

A hub for Bitcoin SV developers

Are you eager to discover the latest resources around Bitcoin SV? The BitcoinSV.com website is evolving into a community hub that invites you to return to it over and over again, as there will always be something new to discover. For a start, the site hosts interactive content like demos, a community section pointing to our Discord channel and Discourse Forum, with a roadmap of bringing you the latest news and resources the moment they drop.

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