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20 Bitcoin consumer apps that let you earn, spend and use BSV

It’s not just enterprises that are using Bitcoin SV! Here’s an infogrpahic of the consumer apps that lets you earn, spend and use your BSV.

The BSV blockchain (BSV) is increasingly gaining traction as a large-scale Bitcoin node implementation. It is focused on developing the qualities that business and government projects demand—remarkable speeds, high transaction volumes, micropayment capabilities, greater data capacity and predictable low fees.

With BSV leading the pack in enterprise blockchains, its ecosystem of apps is vast and growing. This allows people to earn, use and spend BSV within numerous scenarios. This infographic will introduce you to several BSV consumer apps and an overview of the opportunities they offer you.

20 Apps that Let You Earn, Spend and Use BSV

Let’s dive deeper into the features of these Bitcoin SV (BSV) consumer apps.

1. Haste Arcade – Earn and use BSV

Haste Arcade is the world’s first gaming platform with an immediate leaderboard payment. You may link your money to the app and be paid to play. After getting a high score, you are compensated for your placement.


  • HST (Haste Tokens) are fungible tokens native to the BSV blockchain.
  • Instant Leaderboard Payout (ILP) is a tool that allows you to earn real-time, peer-to-peer prizes by ranking on the leaderboard of a game.
  • Scalability and flexibility are improved thanks to unspent transaction output (UXTO) technology.
  • Haste Player Card (HPC) is a monetisation solution that sells a portion of your output as NFTs.
  • The Haste software development kid (SDK) allows you to earn more BSV.

2. CryptoFights – Earn, spend and use BSV

CryptoFights is a new method to make money by playing games. It allows you to combine goods and components to create more powerful items. You can then sell or melt them on the NFT marketplace inside the program. More advanced players are rewarded with better prizes. In the game, your rating is determined by other players and partially controlled by the community.


  • Built on the BSV blockchain.
  • CryptoFights incorporates an application programming interface (API) into its platform, allowing you to trade in real-time without leaving the game.
  • The FYX Gaming token determines how many actual gamers are present in a battle.
  • You may purchase and sell goods on the marketplace, resulting in an in-game accessory economy.
  • During hero fights, smart gaming contracts translate into fair play and improve transparency.

3. Twetch – Earn, spend and use BSV

Twetch is a private, ad-free, and decentralised social network. Here, you can make transactions and transmit data for a small fee using the BSV blockchain. It also enables you to generate income for your content by providing quick low-fee payments, an NFT marketplace, and data ownership.


  • Twetch Wallet is a Bitcoin SV plugin that makes it simple to send or receive transactions, buy or store NFTs, and sign in to decentralised applications.
  • The “Troll Toll” feature enables Twetchers to choose the price of interacting with them.
  • You may utilise Twetch SDK to develop games, chatbots, archives, schedules, and even competing Bitcoin applications.

4. RelayX – Spend and use BSV

RelayX is a service that converts your local money into a global currency and it’s the easiest place to Buy, Sell, Use Bitcoin SV. It provides a smooth payment experience regardless of where you send or receive money. Its ground-breaking user interface is interoperable with existing closed payment applications. Input the amount you wish to pay or receive in your local currency and leave the rest to their trusted processors.


  • BSV debit cards come with a digital NFT that serves as a representation of the card.
  • You may earn on-chain loyalty points with the Relay X Card (RXC) token.
  • Bitcoin Core (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) are all accepted as means of funding the BSV Superwallet.

5. BullishArt – Earn, spend and use BSV

BullishArt is an accessible and secure online NFT art gallery curating works by brilliant contemporary artists worldwide. It provides a marketplace for digital artists to avoid concerns with imitation and authenticity. This platform intends to assist collectors and artists on blockchain by advising them on how to use the technology effectively.


  • NFT is used to keep a transparent record of all transactions.
  • Artists and collectors may sell and exchange their digital art without fear of losing ownership.

6. TDXP – Use BSV

TDXP is a Bitcoin SV-based derivatives trading platform. Its exchanges are based on blockchain technology, making them faster and more liquid. You may log in to the site using your wallets and begin trading right away, with no registration or KYC. It eliminates the requirement to deposit cash to start trading.


  • You do not need an account to utilise TDXP’s trading platform. It works directly with a blockchain wallet.
  • Liquidity is only through BSV in TDXP.
  • Considering that every transaction entry and exit are recorded on the blockchain, anyone can verify the actual trading volume and current pool balances.

7. TSWAP – Use BSV

TokenSwap or TSWAP is a decentralised exchange platform based on the Bitcoin SV protocol. On the BSV blockchain, TSWAP is a liquidity, pool-style swap market. Its smart contracts are written in sCrypt, a powerful programming language built on top of Bitcoin SV scripts. This allows all transactions on-chain layer-1 (L1).


  • Your money is maintained in a non-custodial wallet.
  • Transactions per second are unlimited in comparison to ETH. This protects transfers against exchange attacks due to account information leaks.
  • The platform is free of unplugging and manipulation by exchangers who falsify or destroy data to benefit themselves.

8. RareCandy – Earn, spend and use BSV

RareCandy is the first and only blue-chip NFTs on BSV. The blockchain platform allows you to find, acquire, and sell rare goods. It’s an NFT marketplace and launchpad for fans, creators, collectors, and artists. The platform provides a high-quality user experience that rivals other blockchain apps.


  • It includes various sorting criteria, rarity rankings, and other information.
  • It establishes a central NFT marketplace with a positive user experience.
  • RareCandy has established an efficient minting experience for artists, pushing the boundaries of the varieties of art they provide.

9. Fabriik Money Button – Earn, spend and use BSV

Money Button is a non-custodial BSV wallet. The platform enables you to receive payments and make transfers with a single swipe. With the app, you have access to different outputs, such as currency conversion, REST API, smart contracts, OAuth API, and blockchain data. For this reason, Money Button is recognised as a complete digital asset wallet solution.


  • An exceptional wallet for users that want an easy way of receiving, storing or making payments with BSV.
  • Any appropriate token protocol for the purpose may be used.
  • The app has a currency converter.
  • You can write data on the blockchain, such as files, receipts, or bills.
  • You may create complex, full-featured, on-chain applications using API, design components, and BSV library.

10. FabriikX – Earn, spend and use BSV/br>

The goal of FabriikX is to reinvent the NFT collecting experience. It is geared toward artists and collectors. Submit your artwork, and FabriikX will do the rest, including minting, uploading, and selling your NFT. Their mission is to let you discover art pieces and digital artefacts by well-known and rising artists, built on BSV.


  • The initial part of the platform’s collection will be based entirely on community contributions, recognising it as the most accessible and democratic NFT collection in the market.
  • The explore page gathers the NFTs that collectors may access.
  • FabriikX is linked with Fabriik Money Button and its one-swipe functionality. This gives you a simplified sign-in procedure and the opportunity to pay for NFTs directly via your Money Button wallet.

11. Centbee – Earn, spend and use BSV

Centbee is the most straightforward and secure method to save, spend, and transfer BSV on your phone. The Centbee wallet is designed to fit into your daily routine, allowing you to shop with BSV at all your favourite retailers around the globe.


  • Paymail enables you to transfer Bitcoin SV to paymail addresses rather than the more complicated Bitcoin SV addresses.
  • Centbee is constantly releasing new themes to accommodate diverse personalities, with various designs to fit your mood.
  • You may keep a backup of your wallet with your 12-word phrase to ensure the safety of coins at all times.

12. MinitMoney – Use BSV

As a real-time international and local money transfer service, MinitMoney helps you send money in seconds. It’s an easy-to-use remittance program that anybody may sign up for using their passport or other ID cards. Powered by Bitcoin SV, money may be transmitted from over 100,00 supermarkets, games, and bank accounts through the app.


  • Facilitates easier cross-border payments for the remittances sector.
  • Centbee’s MinitMoney wallet has an intuitive and straightforward user experience through a basic UI.
  • MinitMoney’s payment partners adhere to the greatest security requirements to guarantee that payments are always safe and incur no additional fees.

13. Duro Dogs – Earn, spend and use BSV

You can collect, trade, feed, and train your NFT dog with Duro Dogs, built on the BSV network. Every dog on the platform is one-of-a-kind. You may begin for free and earn BSV while playing. To level up, learn new tricks, dig for goodies, uncover uncommon stuff, and complete tasks.

All objects you buy are NFTs that can be collected and exchanged. The more pets and items you get, the more you will make.


  • Duro Dogs may be expanded and drawn into different applications. In the metaverse, there is no limit to where your dog can travel.
  • Everything in the game, including your dogs and other goods, is a one-of-a-kind NFT. Any duro dog or in-game object may be purchased, collected, sold, or traded.

It has a cooldown system that provides an addictive gameplay cycle to let players engage with their digital pets and seek rare collectibles.

14. Baemail – Earn, spend and use BSV

Baemail – which stands for before anything else mail – uses Bitcoin SV to solve the problem of spam emails by including a micropayment paid for by the sender. It allows actual values to be assigned to emails, prioritising your most critical messages (the ones that pay the most). It incorporates a micropayment paid for by the sender, which is paid upon the receiver opening and reading the email. This way, Bitcoin SV is used to alleviate the issue of spam emails.


  • Your inboxes are given a priority value level, compelling you to make microtransactions depending on where you want your emails to appear in the list.
  • Since it is blockchain-based, its communication has an immutable record.
  • The “read receipt” feature provides tangible confirmation for businesses that an email was received and opened.

15. Sensilet – Spend and use BSV

Sensilet is a small wallet that lets you experiment with Bitcoin SV apps. It’s a free and open-source Bitcoin SV wallet that supports the Sensible Token or NFT.


  • Uses mnemonic features with 12-words for backup and restoring.
  • You may import multiple accounts with a single private key.
  • It leverages the Web3 Experience to improve results and optimise wallet performance.

16. Omniscape XR – Use and spend BSV

Omniscape XR is the world’s first location-based extended reality (XR) platform built on Bitcoin SV, for content, community, and monetisation. The site is building a worldwide XR platform and cloud that combines Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to create innovative cyberspace.

It all begins with location, which provides context and relevance to material and is a prerequisite for meaningful interactions.


  • Explore the global map to uncover areas where AR content is available and sites with related VR spaces.
  • Omniscape collaborates with companies and brands to geolocate branded augmented reality content and virtual items.
  • It’s simple to create your own VR for your home, dorm, workplace, or company and share it with friends and co-workers.

17. Weather SV – Earn BSV

WeatherSV is designed to collect weather data from trusted sources and store it on the blockchain to guard it against social, political, and corporate influence.

While the Twitterverse mocked Bitcoin SV as “simply a weather app,” they overlooked that the WeatherSV business model was enabled by the economic strength of massive blocks and a reliable protocol. Consequently, it has removed the international politicisation of climate data.


  • Uses the Bitcoin SV ledger to store data and remunerate contributors.
  • Weather SV stores data that the IoT sensors on farms transmit back over vast, low-power wireless networks.
  • It presents open-source meteorological information gathered from 40,000 weather stations across the globe.

18. DotWallet – Spend and use BSV

DotWallet is a lightweight wallet that allows you to manage your digital assets quickly and securely. It is the most widely used BSV wallet in the world. The platform offers a one-stop shop for storing, transferring, and receiving digital content to users.


  • You have complete control over your private keys, and you can look up all transactions on the BSV chain.
  • AutoPay and built-in apps are integrated.
  • Individual developers and teams may quickly build and maintain assets on the BSV chain using cards that leverage a badge and touchstone functionalities.
  • Signing up and logging in is fast and straightforward with your phone number, email, Google, and other third-party services.

To swap on the web app, check out their video:

19. Simply Cash – Spend and use BSV

Simply Cash is a convenient wallet that only supports Bitcoin SV. The wallet keeps an essential offline signature, allowing for a cold wallet on an offline phone and a hot wallet on an online device.


  • It’s quick and simple to use, with no registration or set-up required. Moreover, your cold wallet is synced once you’re online.
  • It has hot and cold wallets, as well as a sweep paper wallet. This way, you can keep them connected and disconnected from the internet, whatever is more convenient for you.

Here’s a short demo on how you can set up your own Simply Cash:

20. HandCash – Spend and use BSV

Nanopayments are deposits less than a pound. They are not feasible to transfer with conventional BSV payment methods because of their exorbitant rates.

Fortunately, HandCash Nanopayments enables app developers to switch from expensive subscriptions to smaller, more lucrative payments. This is achieved by replacing high platform and payment costs with smaller, more profitable fees.


  • You can connect your HandCash account to compatible games and applications.
  • You can pay anybody, anywhere—in an instant—with almost no costs.
  • You can get premium content for much less and be paid for your online comments and contributions.
  • Platforms and producers can make more money.

Here’s a short tutorial on how you can use HandCash:

Utilising BSV Through Consumer Apps

Bitcoin SV has revolutionised how companies operate, transact, and satisfy their customers. Perhaps, this is why BSV’s consumer app ecosystem is expanding.

To stay up to date with BSV projects and enterprise and consumer news, follow this BSV Blockchain crew Twitter list. If your favourite BSV app is missing from the list, send me a DM to have it added.

25th Apr 2022
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